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About The Redemption Center

The SARAH Redemption Center LLC is a retail business licensed by The Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection and open to the public to redeem nickel deposit, DSC_4479refundable bottles and cans.  The SARAH Redemption Center is a 6000 square foot renovated facility with 30 high tech, computerized reverse vending machines. Most grocery stores and other smaller retail outlets that take back only the brands they sell, not at the SRC.  SARAH Redemption Center welcomes individuals, groups and businesses with large quantities of cans/bottles. Our reverse vending machines will accept most refundable bottles and cans allowed in Connecticut. Industry leaders have mentioned that the SRC as a top redemption center in the state , come in and see us.

Time Saving Service:

Bring your redeemable CLEAN glass bottles in their ORIGINAL container (no mixing) directly to the counter for a full 5¢ refund per unit. MINIMUM of 200 units – 24 packs only.

At your next visit to the SARAH Redemption Center ask the manager about our bag service.

Why is the SARAH Redemption Center different?

The SARAH Redemption Center is different because of our name and what we represent. SARAH Redemption Center is a subsidiary of SARAH, Inc. SARAH Inc. has been providing supports for people with differing abilities for over 60 years. When you come to the SARAH Redemption Center, you will see our supported workers busy emptying machines, processing materials and keeping the building clean. When you bring your bottles and cans to the SARAH Redemption Center you are helping to provide employment opportunities.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday- Friday
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Sat 8:00 am-3:30 pm

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Glass (Beer) Purchases Over the Counter

Bring your redeemable ,free of liquid, glass bottles in their ORIGINAL dry case, directly to the counter for a full 5¢ refund per unit. Minimums of 10 cases. - 24 packs only. See clerk for other options.

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